The trademark brand of elevators, escalators and moving walkways produced by Suzhou Zhongling Elevator Co., Ltd. is “Suzhou Zhongling”, and the English logo “ZLE” has nothing to do with any elevator company or brand with the words “Zhongling”. Such as: Shanghai Zhongling Elevator Co., Ltd., Wujiang Zhongling Elevator Co., Ltd., Anhui Zhongling Elevator Co., Ltd., Guangdong Zhongling Electromechanical Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd., etc. All other elevator companies or elevator engineering companies with the name “Zhongling” do not have any relationship.

Due to the excellent quality and service of our products, we have been well received by our customers. Recently, I found that some companies or other personnel with the words “Zhongling” in their individual names have used the name of our company to conduct business, confuse the audience, harm the customers, and bring losses to our reputation. We will retain the law. The right to responsibility.

Suzhou Zhongling Elevator Co., Ltd. has no blacklists on all websites and no bad records in the government official website and technical supervision bureau information base. Since the establishment of the factory, there have been no major safety accidents involving elevators and escalators.

Hereby declare!

Suzhou Zhongling Elevator Co., Ltd.

September 10, 2015